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VOTD: Haku pulls a Khalie on Mean Gene


VOTD: Mean Gene blooper! LMAO

A Botchamania CLASSIC
0:50 minutes

More WWE Releases

Source WWE.com

World Wrestling Entertainment has come to terms on the release of ECW Superstars Stevie Richards and Colin Delaney, Raw tag team Robbie & Rory of The Highlanders, SmackDown Diva Cherry, and WWE referee Wes Adams as of Aug. 15, 2008. WWE wishes them the best in all their future endeavors.

Ok here are my views on these.

Stevie Richards- He usually jobs but I still liked him more than Hardcore Holly.

Colin Delaney- WHAT THE HELL? Why? He had a great gimmick going and he was over. I hope they do the same thing they did with the Boogieman a couple of years ago and resign him very soon cause he was entertaining to a point

The Highlands- Get rid of these Scottish stereotypes. They are not even Scottish, they are Canadians who were born in Scotland.  They are Canadian not Scottish, anyway, jobbers again so who cares?

Cherry- No Comment.

Wes Adams- Ref so who cares.

The PWBite Rant Episode 25: Live & Mother Fuckin Uncut

Episode 25 of the PWBite Rant is up. This is the longest episode ever mainly because I didn’t really edit out much due to time constraints. In our first Live broadcast Jade, El Nagual, Arron and I discuss the latest headlines which include Randy Orton’s re-injury, WWE’s latest round of releases, Mick Foley’s possible jump to TNA, and the lawsuit that Raven filed that could change the way TNA and WWE do business. I also give a review of TNA Hard Justice my first TNA live event and we make our picks for this Sunday’s Summer Slam PPV.


Okay, so at the beginning of the podcast I go over all of this but I’ll do it again. First off I know the audio sucks even though I’ve done 25 of these things it’s still is a work in progress. Second, we will be continuing the live Stikam broadcasts every Wednesday night at 8pm EST be there or be square. And third if you like this weeks special opening theme you can download the entire Isaac Hayes tribute album by Cookin Soul here for Free!!! and be sure to check out there official Myspace Page and while your at it don’t forget to follow me on Twitter.


TNA Impact Discussion: Joe & Nash v. Team 3D

Aside from Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash taking on Team 3D tonight, TNA is hinting that we’ll find out why Sting attacked AJ Styles and what the silver guitar at the end of Hard Justice meant (gee, I wonder).

In addition, Kurt Angle has a special challenge for AJ Styles.

Discuss Impact! here.