Jason Sensation "Raped In Wrestling" Literally

Are you fucking kidding me?


Jason Sensation appeared on the August 24th edition of The Shoot. He came on to discuss his career and share some impersonations. Host Gary Cantrell welcomes him to the show and asks him how he got into doing voices. He explains that he and his family grew up on a farm in Canada, and they didn’t have much options of anything to do. Jason talks about how he and his brother having wrestling matches in the backyard and doing the post match promos. He mentioned that Macho Man was one of the first voices that he had ever done, and his parents would talk him into doing the voice at parties. Gary asked how he became a wrestling fan. Jason said “I don’t have a first memory of it, it’s just a feeling of it always been there”.

Gary and Jason begin discussing his first night meeting Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith in Ottawa. He talks about how he did the voices in front of them. (In Owen’s voice)”I’m a Slammy Award winner, and Bret you’ll never be as good as me” he tells Owen. Owen tells him, “You can’t do Bulldog”. In Davey Boy’s voice, “C’mon British Bulldog, have a bite of my dog food”. Jason says they were both laughing hysterically. He said that Owen brought him backstage to meet with WWE’s Canadian President Carl DeMarco whom he did voices for. After the meeting he explained how he’d go anywhere a camera was at for attention to attempt to get into the WWE. He also sent numerous videos to Carl and continued to not get any responses.

He talks about his first gig for WWE which was selling merchandise on the Canadian Home Shopping Network. He mentioned that not too long after he got another call from Carl who informed him that Vince McMahon was going to be at TSN’s Off the Record to discuss Bret Hart and the Montreal Screw Job. He was then introduced to McMahon during the commercial breaks. Jason did impersonations of both Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon. Vince laughed hard and said “We gotta get you on TV kid”. It wasn’t until 98 that Jason got a call from DeMarco to appear in Boston for WrestleMania 14 weekend. He then talks of a meeting he was involved in with Vince McMahon, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Chyna, Steve Austin, and Mike Tyson. He gives Tyson credit for getting him the job after laughing uncontrollably over a Steve Austin impersonation. He says Mike Tyson put him over big time in that meeting.

Jason goes on discussing his first few skits on RAW, but says that the story between him and Owen was dropped after he got stopped at the border. He didn’t have a green card, and he had been crossing illegally all that time. The week after he got beat up by Owen, he wasn’t able to make it to the next RAW due to being stopped at the border. Once WWE realized that they couldn’t get him, they rushed a contract to him. He said that he signed a 3 yr deal, and spent most of it at home collecting a check. He noted that he sent several script ideas to Russo and it went to no reply. During the last 6 months of his contract he was sent to Memphis, TN to train as a heel manager for a future main roster spot. He said Memphis was run wrong and all the wrong guys were in charge. He said that the main trainer was Terry Golden and said “He was one of the dirtiest guys in the business”. He said they went through a lot of wrestlers down there.

He then began to shoot on Kevin Kelly. He said that Kelly put him through a lot of hell in Memphis. “Kevin Kelly was Bullsh*t” says Sensation. He said there was talk of him doing the Slam Jams for the WWF and said that was Kelly’s job at the time. He said at that point Kelly began to bury him to the office and reduced him to the job of a ring announcer. He said that Kelly even ridiculed him at position, and didn’t want him to get over in any way. “He (Kevin Kelly) made my life a living hell”.

He talked about having a rib pulled on him by Kevin Fertig (ECW’s Kevin Thorn). He said that he pulled a rib on Fertig and was choked and thrown through a wall for his efforts. He called to file a complaint and Bruce Pritchard told him that “You were lucky that it wasn’t Steve Blackman or The Undertaker, because they might have not stopped” He also brought up an instance of Fertig sexually assaulting him in a hotel. “He ripped my clothes off, he ripped my underwear off, and I was like what’s this guy doing to me?” He then plugs the book that he’s putting out titled “Raped in Wrestling”. He mentioned that wasn’t the only occurrence of sexual assault. He tells the story of his first weekend in Boston. He was invited up to a Road Agent’s (whom he left nameless) hotel room with another wrestler to smoke Marijuana. After finishing the Marijuana, the agent began to grab him and pull him closer to molest him. He said the wrestler in the room was almost like he was standing there as a guard. He mentioned that he tried to squirm and get away and the agent said “Buddy if you don’t this, you’ll never gonna get into this business if you don’t fu*k somebody”. Jason said “It was the sickest moment in my life”, he went on to say that another wrestler came to the door and it was his out and he left. He made a complaint to management and said that telling just worked against him. He said he wouldn’t be surprised if things like that were still going on to this day.

Jason said the reason why he’s waited so long to come out was that he was actually hoping for things to change and to possibly be rehired by WWE. He said after the death of his mother he realized that he would never be rehired and that he was ready to come out and speak. He said that to this day he still emails Jim Ross for a reason to his dismissal. He said he was going to tell all in his new book. He said that in that in WWE the good was good, but the bad was very bad. When asked for an example, he shared the story of a young wrestler by the name of Russ Haas. He talked about how Russ and his brother, current WWE wrestler Charlie Haas were in developmental prepping for a call up to the main roster. Jason said every single time they would come back from a dark match from TVs, Russ Haas was so depressed because “Quote Jim Ross and Quote Bruce Prichard” kept telling Russ: You guys are ready to go, you guys will be on tv but Russ you got to get bigger, Russ you got to get bigger, sorry Russ you got to get bigger.” Russ finally gave in and began taking steroids and it was one occasion in which there was air in the needle and it got to his heart and killed him.


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  1. Good article. Thanks for adding it.

  2. No problem, I know it’s a long article but I always bold what I think is most important.

    Do you guys believe this, or just see another disgruntled employee?

    As much as I like JR I could totally see him saying some of that stuff, not out of his own will but because while he was in charge of talent I am sure Vince was down his neck to find the next big star.

  3. I’m a bitch. I laughed when I read this. I mean, if someone will step out and talk about being raped in wrestling why isn’t it like…Randy Orton or something? Why…Jason Sensation? LoL

    • How can you laugh at this? He was raped and likely the illness he contracted is aids. He was fired and shoved aside and forgotten by the WWE. This is just like the movie Philadelphia only Jason was RAPED. Again, how can you laugh at this? You ask why him and not Randy Orton? Um, maybe because he is an unknown, not some multiple-generation wrestler who was born into the WWE? Maybe because he’s physically weak and somewhat naive, and easy to take advantage of?

      You must be naive too if you think rape is something to laugh at. I hope you never have to experience why, the hard way.

      • i feel sorry for you brian you are one seriously dumb mother !@#$ker you a true tard of tards you DUMB SELF RIGHTEOUS !@#$

      • I feel way worse for the guy responding to you, Brian, as it’s about 5 years late and clearly a necro, but he seems to think that you’re the dumb p.o.s., here.

  4. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…


    Wait a minute.

    OK, this has to be a podcast tomorrow. It’s settled.

    Hee hee.

  5. This sounds like a PF storyline for sure.

  6. OMFG Lex I almost pissed my pants just now.

    PF you know it’s true lol.

    Idk what to think of this, Jason is a bit of a comedian so maybe it’s all just a big joke.

  7. he’s selling a book, and without crazy storeys, whos gonna care about a no name writing an auto biography?

    thats not to say nothing is true, but, its probobly not true

    for the mpst part

  8. I’ve actually heard a lot of this kind of stuff from other wrestlers who’ve worked with WWE at points. I’m not surprised, and I think it’s more true than not (unfortunately).

  9. look at how he phrases some of his statements. he’s trying to to into current media hype in the industry. it’s all just a sale imho

  10. Man, this guy will probably never get back into “big time” wrestling again, but given the state of the sport in this age (steroids, and Congress and death. Oh, my!), not being in the business isn’t really a bad thing.

  11. I’ve heard stories of this happening, not too much now more with the older guys, but I wouldn’t be too surprised.

    The being raped by a vampire thing is one of the funniest thing I’ve heard in a very long time.

  12. Something a friend of mine pointed out when I told her about this:

    If he was making this up, he would have chose a bigger name than Fertig to accuse of rape.

  13. some one called me and i had to see this jason was always a big crybaby never happy wwe paid him 3yrs and ask him to do something the last 6mo of it and he hated it he wanted to sit home and get paid to do nothing and like alot of others he wants to be blame someone else for his own mistakes say what you want to about me i dont really care but you bitched cryed and called wwe to complane about everything now you dont understand why you have a job also jason never liked kevin fertig the whole time he was in memphis even befor kevin was under contract jason your a cry baby punk and doint the same thing you always did bitching like a girl writing a book to make yourself something to do but noone care you will always be the same you have talent but it takes more suck it up and work being funny is not enough hard to take sometime but thats life grow up

    good luck
    terry golden

  14. For Terry Golden.

    I didn’t hate working, I hated YOU! & Kevin Kelly & all your stooges. I hated that I was sent down to train to be an entertaining manager & all you guys would let me do is announce until Paul Bearer got involved.

    So getting sexually harassed & physically assulted shouldn’t be complained about? This is coming from Terry Golden, a guy who was screwing a young 18 year old rat at the show when his wife went in to labour. Oh yeah Golden, I will say what I want about you & I will tell the truth.

    Terry Golden’s speach is almost word for word what he said to me at a show, after I busted my head open & asked if I could get it checkecd out at the Doctor. (lie all you want Terry, I have a video & pictures) You see Terry couldn’t let me go to the doctor because I was a Canadian in The USA, without insurance & it would have been Terry’s ass if he did.

    Remember they let you go not long after me. Why was that Terry?

    Also, even though you have NO respect for them, we all come from WOMEN Terry, it is not an insult to be called a girl. & you’re telling me to grow up?

    So suck it up & work, is that what you call being a drug dealer. You can say I whine, but I have the facts & by the way, what you were doing when your child was being born in 2000 is also in the book.

    One more thing to anyone reading this. Speak to anyone who was a part of that developmental territory. (Pete Gas, Charlie Haas, Nora Greenwald, etc.) Ask them who’s telling the truth.

  15. i absolutely believe jason sensation.. the reason why wrestling continues to be run by sleazy people and talent like jason gets killed is because of some retarded posts i have read above…. you guys think this guy is lying. look this guy can’t wrestle, he doesn’t want the title or something and if the promoter was right ALL these years then we wouldn’t have seen the deaths that we have. Try looking into what Jason has to say atleast instead of being outrightly dismissive. I really really do hope that the day of reckoning that Owen’s widow talked about will come one day and people like the ones Jason mentioned in his comments are seen off by the federal authorities. For all the marks above…wrestling?? i used to love it but now?? ‘divas’ who are pornstars, escorts and prostitutes, a marine ‘champ’ who tries to get his career to go further by dissing a legend like the Rock on grounds of not coming to wwe when this asshole misses 1/4 RAWs every month which means an absentee rate of 25% and that too for movies, a ‘legend’ inducted in the hall of fame whose last decent match was 16 years ago and the current champ who is the son-in-law of the promoter. great, real great. but thats why you get those 2.9 ratings these days. real fans know their shit and that only reinforces the fact that all you above are wwe marks.

  16. to Excited WWE had made some mistakes and had some very questionable people in their company I agree but Stop blaming Vince Mcmahon for people’s deaths he’s not a babysitter and he’s definitely not a drug dealer. As for the sexual assault stuff I’m not surprised I hear of horrible hazing everyday in society so wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true. The WWE women’s division has suffered recently but that’s due to retirement and injury because there are some of the best women’s wrestlers as a whole probably ever depth wise. Sure some divas have posed nude in playboy and for other publications and on the net but still great wrestlers for the most part. Triple H is Vince’s Son in Law but he was already a multi-time champion before the storyline in 99 and a 5 or 6 time champ when they actually tied the knot in 2003. As for the Legend I’m guessing your talking about The Nature Boy and you couldn’t be more wrong. Ric Flair had what many consider the best match of this year’s mania with HBK but even before that had great matches with Triple H,Big Show,Foley, And Edge a far cry from 16 years.

  17. Jason Sensation , carl was right when he said you will end up working the corner @ church / college charging $10 a pop. Where are you now?


    • Kevin u need to think about the things u have done & ask for forgiveness

    • When does the book come out? Or is it out already? I’m dying to read it. I’m a huge fan and just watched the NATION Of Domination PROMO you cut with DX.(Classic) I’m truly blown away by this but I believe it. Just like the R.GOODELL has covered up many thing during his time as NFL Commissioner, I’m sure WWE has (had) to do the same in numerous situations. Just like criminals never get away with it neither will those so BUMS that did you wrong when they knew you had a passion for the business! None the less I love your work as well as respect your talent.
      I recently graduated from Broadcast school seeking an internship as a camera operator etc. And actually looked for an opening for the WWE because it’s a dream of mine too, but after this I’m sure I’ll find one somewhere else. Their not the only company in the world. God bless and keep your dream alive because sooner or later I truly believe another company will emerge one day! How long it last is up to whoever creates it but ultimately the FANS!!! #AlexSportsmouth

  18. Jason,i cant believe that happened to you, u should have told me,Im so sorry to hear things like that happening to anyone but when it happens to a dear old friend it really makes me mad.Luv you dude

  19. If I ever make it to the WWE I will request that Sensation be my manager. I will remember you sir for all the entertaining stuff you have done. Mark my words.

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  21. Terry golden keep going and I’ll lock him up in my rape dungeon

  22. Man I can’t believe this crap!!! I really hope those scumbags that did that shit to you get theirs someday soon. I hope once you wrote ur book and told everyone what happened to u it was like getting weight off ur chest and can breathe a little better. Good luck moving forward Jason u have a tremendous talent and I wish you the best of luck

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