New Podcast: CNN Investigative Reporter Drew Griffin Discusses "Death Grip: Inside Pro Wrestling"

Episode 116 of Pro Wrestling Blog v2.0’s Official Podcast is now online, featuring Lex’s Interview with CNN Investigative Journalist Drew Griffin on “Death Grip: Inside Pro Wrestling”. Griffin gives his thoughts on several issues surrounding his news piece including:

  • How cooperative the WWE was with him…
  • What it was like to interview Vince McMahon…
  • John Cena’s answer to the steroid question…
  • C.M. Punk, The Dynamite Kid, Kanyon, and more…

Video of Drew Griffin’s interview with Vince McMahon is now available on

If you prefer reading, an edited transcript of the interview is available.

Of course, the show reairs both Saturday and Sunday at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. eastern time.


10 Responses

  1. Where’s the podcast? iTunes isn’t finding it.

  2. Jade–

    Thanks for the heads uP! Blogger cut off the “http,” but it should work now!

  3. Still nothing coming through on iTunes 😦

  4. Jade–

    Give it time. ITunes is sometimes delayed. You can always download it at!

  5. i didnt expect this at all. im for sure going to listen to this when im tailgating the LSU game tomorrow

  6. Great interview Lex. How do you get these interviews

  7. Great interview. My only problem was you could tell that he really had a limited understanding of wrestling. Saying that CM Punk is getting a push to the front of the line because he’s straight edge and will not be involved with drugs/steroids is somewhat ludicrous. I don’t even consider the push Punk is getting as an actual push and the ECW Title isn’t the front of the line, more like the front of the middle.

  8. Great podcast…Lex I have to say this is the greatest podcast you have done in the history of PWB. Interesting informative keep up the great work.

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