Wrestlemania 24 Predictions

As is the tradition around here, it’s time to start talking about Wrestlemania 24. After No Way Out last night, we know the two main events. At least, we may know the two main events. As several people pointed out on the PPV discussion, don’t count out John Cena getting into the main event just yet. Tonight’s Raw will probably answer that question.

Regardless, here’s the Wrestlemania 24 lineup so far:

  • WWE Championship: Triple H v. Randy Orton(c)
  • World Heavyweight Championship: Undertaker v. Edge(c)

Also, these matches are rumored to take place:

  • Shawn Michaels v. Ric Flair
  • Big Show & Partner (Oscar De La Hoya?) v. Rey Mysterio(?) and Floyd Mayweather
  • Money in the Bank Ladder Match

There you go. That’s what we know right now. So let’s get to it. Will John Cena worm his way into the title match? Who will be in the money in the bank match? Will Vince take on Finlay?

Ladies and Gentleman…start your predictions. And I want to see not just probable matchups, but winners and losers!


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  1. I’ll start it off.

    I think the Raw main event ends up being John Cena v. Triple H v. Randy Orton. As much as I’d like to see H v. Orton one-on-one, there’s no way the golden boy gets held out of the main event. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

    Triple Threat for the WWE Championship: Triple H d. John Cena, Randy Orton

    World Heavyweight Championship (Streak v. Streak): Undertaker d. Edge

    Special Attraction Match: Rey Mysterio (working through injury) and Floyd Mayweather d. Big Show and Oscar De La Hoya (he’s a huge wrestling fan, he owns PWI Magazine!)

    Money in the Bank Ladder Match: This one will look similar to last year’s match, but MVP will win it…perhaps Matt Hardy returns?

    Shawn Michaels d. Ric Flair, Flair goes out to a huge ovation (duh)

    Hornswoggle custody battle: Finlay d. Vince McMahon

    Hey, here’s a question: does the WWE even have a tag team division anymore?

  2. I’m going to go with (winners in bold):

    Orton vs HHH vs Cena
    Edge vs Undertaker
    Big Show vs Rey Mysterio

    Money in the bank- Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk vs Shelton vs Kennedy vs MVP vs Matt Hardy

    Shawn Michaels vs Ric Flair
    Finlay vs McMahon
    Mickie James vs Beth Phoenix

  3. Nice to see we’re almost in agreement here, Lex 🙂

  4. It’s so hard to pick, it’ll be easier after raw tonight. anyway, ima say they throw cena into the main event, therefore:

    Cena over Orton and Trips
    Taker over Edge
    Matt Hardy over MVP
    Hardcore Match: JBL over Y2J
    Kennedy wins Money In The Bank
    Michaels over Flair

    i dont know where they’ll put batista. im not even going to begin to predict what kind of match will come out of big show – Mayweather. JBL – Y2J may be a stupid TNA gimmick hardcore match, but a hardcore match nonetheless.

    I would like to think maybe an orton cena rematch happens tonight and cena gets screwed out of the title the way edge was two years ago, creating a John Cena feud that isn’t for the title, but i doubt that’ll be the case. I just don’t particularly like the triple threat idea, HHH/orton would be much better, and id even sorta like to see HHH/Cena II over the triple threat.

  5. Cena will make it to the main event unfortunately.

    MITB I think will include Jeff Hardy, Shelton, Kennedy, Kendrick, Morrison, Miz and the rest is anybodies guess but lets hope there smart enough to keep Big Daddy V, Kahli and Mark Henry out of it. Also I think we’ll finally see Matt Hardy vs. MVP for the US Title, McMahon vs Finlay and Y2J vs JBL in some kind of gimmick match maybe first blood, I quit or lat man standing. Of course all this leaves out Batista who knows what they’ll do with him maybe if Matt Hardy is not healthy by then Batista will be in a match with MVP.

  6. Oh, and Stone Cold, The Rock or both will show up in some way. Stone Cold already said he turned down something that was pitch for him at WM24 but Cena also denied that he would be involved so I’m calling bullshit on that.

  7. anyone remember when hogan said he would like to wrestle John Cena? just throwing that out there.

    i dont agree with a few of those money in the bank picks. Kendrick is a jobber and Miz is not nearly main event ready. The money in the bank matches should have main eventers and/or guys who are ready for that last push, not just a match in the card to get the crowd exited with a bunch of high spots, I mean that too, but it has to make storyline sense as well

  8. -kanadian

    I disagree I think the MITB should not have any former champions in it. I think having Edge and Orton in it last year and Kane in it the year before hand was the wrong move, if I where booking this match I would reserve the spots for my most athletic talent Kendrick, Shelton, Morrison(event though he’s a former ECW Champ), and my talent that’s in line for a main event push Kennedy, MVP, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy. The MITB was fist put there to show off up and coming talent in the mid card and they’ve gotten away from that in the past two years, I also would take it back down to 6 competitors instead of 8.

  9. okay so heres the matches im seeing

    triple threat the obvious choice cena hhh and orton
    world title edge vs taker
    tag match mayweather and a face turn for mvp vs big show and shane
    ecw title punk vs shelton
    mitb chavo vs jeff vs kane vs matt vs burke vs carlito
    special match vince vs finlay or foley or some sorta of tag match
    cody and holly vs the rednecks vs london and kendrick i kno its a long shot but hey we can predict haha
    beth phenoix vs candice and maria special guest ref

  10. oh and hbk vs flair

  11. oh and the reason i didn’t put Morrison or miz on there cause Morrison hasn’t been on mania yet and hes been in the main roster for almost 3 yrs i think

  12. -sideshow

    the last two money in the bank matches had more up and comming talent or mid carders than the first one. the first one had 3 up and comers in edge, christian, and shelton, and three former world champions in Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, and Kane. the second one had midcarders Finly, shelton, bobby lashley, RVD, and matt hardy; the only former champion in ric flair. last years was stacked, i would say over flowing with main eventers, but that made it extra special, although i agree edge and orton shouldve had their own match..

  13. WWE Championship- Randy Orton (c) v. John Cena v. Triple H
    World Heavyweight Championship- Edge (c) v. The Undertaker
    The Battle for Hornswoggle- Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon v. Finlay and Mick Foley
    Jeff Hardy v. Shawn Michaels
    ECW World Championship- CM Punk (c) v. Shelton Benjamin
    Women’s Championship- Bra & Panties Battle Royal
    Career Threatening Match- Ric Flair v. Batista
    Last Man Standing Match- Chris Jericho v. JBL
    United States Championship- MVP (c) v. Matt Hardy
    The Money in the Bank Ladder Match- Chavo Guerrero v. Kane v. Umaga v. Rey Mysterio v. Mr. Kennedy v. John Morrison v. Elijah Burke v. Carlito
    Boxing Match- The Big Show v. Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

  14. when do you suppose cm punk is going to win the ecw title, joemister?

  15. I’ll assume that it’s Shelton v. Chavo for the ECW Title…let’s hope to goodness…

    Jericho v. JBL in a Last Man Standing match would be good, but I’d kind of like to see a different stipulation…why not a street fight or a good old hardcore match?

    Also, does anyone think Matt Hardy and MVP will have resumed their feud before then? I don’t, so I picked MVP to win the MITB, but I guess it’s possible…

  16. By the way, anyone get a fix on the price for this PPV? I’ve seen it listed at both 55 and 60 for the standard definition, which is REALLY pushing it.

    I also saw somewhere that the HD version was going to be 70!

  17. r u kidding me 70 fucking dollars???? lol looks like alot of people will just have parties and make people pay 10 bucks each or something lol

  18. i still think mvp will turn face and team up with mayweather i mean here u got mayweather and on hand u got the best talker and wrestler in wrestling today i say thts money in the bank haha

  19. Last I heard i was gonna be 50 for standard def and 55 for Hi Def. I understand it’s Wrestlmania but anything over that is just fucking crazy they can’t start charging more then MMA and Boxing events.

  20. And it starting to look like De La Hoya might work his way in to the Mayweather match apparently he’s a big wrestling fan and he even owns the company that puts out Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine but would he be willing to play the heel?

  21. Maybe the price will be different depending on your cable or dish provider? I know ROH PPVs are only 10 bucks on Verizon FIOS, but others pay 15!

  22. Lex
    did you get the audio feedback I send to you a couple days ago?

  23. about the price of wrestlemania

  24. JS–

    Got it, have not previewed it yet, but it will be on the show!

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  26. woooooooo



  27. Maybe the whole jericho choking jbl could be a little hint for a texas bull rope match just thinking out loud people
    and if it happens u herd it her first

  28. HHH to win the main event.

    though it could go cenas way

    hopefullly Cena puts us all out of our misery and either heel turns before or at wrestlemania.

  29. I’m sure they waste Cena at ‘mania. He’s 4-0 at mania so I’m sure they wouldn’t let him get pinned. So it’s surely a lock that HHH will pin Randy in that match.

    There’s an outside chance that Cena could win but HHH missed last years ‘mania, tapped out to Cena at 22, was pinned by Batista at 21 and tapped to Benoit at 20.

    He will win.

  30. I’m sure they waste Cena at ‘mania. He’s 4-0 at mania so I’m sure they wouldn’t let him get pinned. So it’s surely a lock that HHH will pin Randy in that match.

    There’s an outside chance that Cena could win but HHH missed last years ‘mania, tapped out to Cena at 22, was pinned by Batista at 21 and tapped to Benoit at 20.

    HHH will win.

  31. I think it has to be HHH all the way he’s been out of the title picture for too long. I think he wins it and hold the title until Summer Slam where Jeff Hardy will cash in his MITB and win the title for the first time. That works out perfectly since Hardy has pinned HHH once for the No. 1 contender spot and HHH pinned Hardy in the chamber match. And Cena will be filming his new shit movie so he may not be able to make all the appearances that the WWE Champ normally would.

  32. This is the card that I came up with before Cena came back at RR and Big Show came back (with Floyd Mayweather) last week:

    Batista v. Randy Orton v. HHH v. Ric Flair ( WWE Title)
    Winner: Ric Flair, retires the next night on Raw
    Hulk Hogan v. The Great Khali
    Winner: Hogan
    Edge v. Undertaker (For the World Heavyweight Title) Winner: UT
    Shawn Michaels v. Umaga
    Winner: HBK
    CM Punk v. Shelton v. Chavo
    Winner: CM
    MVP v. Matt Hardy (Steel Cage Match for the US Title) Winner: MVP
    Vince and Shane McMahon v. Finlay and Hornswoggle Winner: F and H
    Jericho v. JBL (Bull Rope Match)
    Winner: Y2J
    Beth Phoenix v. Mickey James
    Winner: MJ
    MITB: Jeff v. Kennedy v. Kane v. Burke v. Carlito v. Chuck Polumbo
    Winner: Jeff

    I can’t imagine that whatever card the WWE puts together will be better than this one.

  33. where is Cena CHIP?

  34. WWE Title:
    Randy Orton (C) vs Triple H vs John Cena
    Winner: Triple H (New Champ)

    World Heavyweight Title
    Edge (C) vs The Undertaker
    Winner: Undertaker (New Champ)

    ECW Title
    Chavo Guerrero (C) vs CM Punk
    Winner: CM Punk (New Champ)

    Floyd Mayweather & Batista vs The Big Show & Shane McMahon
    Winner: Mayweather & Batista

    MITB Ladder Match
    Jeff Hardy vs Mr Kennedy vs Shelton Benjamin vs Kane vs Umaga vs Chris Jericho
    Winner: Jeff Hardy

    Ric Flair vs Shawn Michaels
    Winner: HBK

    Womens Title Match
    Beth Phoenix (C) vs Candice Michelle w/Maria
    Winner: Candice (New Champ)

    JBL w/Vince vs Finlay w/Hornswoggle
    Winner: Finlay

    United States Title
    MVP vs Matt Hardy
    Winner: Matt Hardy via DQ (MVP retains)

  35. Batista next wotld champion!!! wooooow

  36. HHH to win, EDGE to win, HBK to win, and BATISTA will kick BIG SHOW’S @ss

  37. Wrestlemania 24 #= winners

    Edge v Taker #
    HHH v cena # v RKO
    HBK # v Ric Flair
    MIB: Jeff # v Kennedy v Shelton v matt V Mvp v Burke v Y2J v John Morrison
    Monster battle royal: Kane v Big V v Khali v Umaga v SNITsky v Batista # v Mark Henry
    Jamie Noble # v Chuck
    Finlay + Hornswoggle #v Vince + JBL
    Mayweather # v Big show

  38. okay…I think orton will loose the tittle to HHH or cena… most likely I think cena will win sense he never really lost the tittle.. obviousley jeff hardy is gonna win money in the bank and I think he will cash it in at summerslam and win the tittle.. jamie noble will have a match against chuck palumbo and jamie will win and chuck will freak out…. they might even have michelle as a special guest ref or somthing… undertaker will beat edge and then vickie will make things all difficult… I think mickie will beat beth with the help of candice or maria. I think cm punk will get the ecw titlle back.. I think there is gonna be some wierd like 6 man tag team match or somthing crazy with hornswoggle finlay y2j vs vince jbl maybe even shane but I really yhink shane is gonna be involved in the maywether and big show match… I’m shure ric flaire will loose and have to retire but don’t really no who will beat him there has been rumors about hogan hbk mick foley.. and I think matt hardy will show up and start the feud with mvp back up… and batista will wrestle mark henrey or big daddy v.. I think hawkins and ryder will get a chance at the tagteam championship and then eventually turn on edge…

  39. I think that it would be pretty cool to see JBL vs. Y2J in a Texas Bullrope match. I think that they are going to do something like with miz/ morrison vs. Tommy Dreamer/ punching bag. and as somone has posted,
    Jerry the King Lawler should make a wrestling appearence. It would be pretty cool to watch “The King” vs. Stone Cold.

    p.s. Did anyone catch “The Rock” at the oscars last night besides me?

  40. as of 11:20 after RAW

    +Cena* vs Triple H vs Orton
    +Edge vs Undertaker*
    +Mayweather* vs Big Show
    +Batista* vs Umanga
    +Jeff* vs Kennedy vs Shelton vs Y2J vs CM Punk vs Matt Hardy vs MVP vs Chavo Guerrero
    +Vince and/or JBL* vs Finlay and/or Hornswoggle
    +Santino vs Jerry Lawler*
    +Candice &/vs Maria* vs Beth Phoenix &/vs Melina
    +Ric Flair vs Shawn Michaels*

    -I want to see MVP vs Matt Hardy, but i have a bad feeling they’re gonna get thrown into MIYB. Jeff’s my pick by default.
    -Cena is going to win. my only hope is they continue to push Kennedy into Mania, and when he loses money in the bank, he runs into Cena back stage, and then screws Cena out of the title with interference. Otherwise, with all the Cena hurting, making him the underdog going into Mania ensures he’ll walk out with the strap.
    – If JBL is in the match, singles or tag, I see him winning, but if he’s just backing Vince, Vince will lose.

  41. hhh-orton-CENA
    edge-UNDERTAKER (rey interfers just as Edge is about to win)
    CM PUNK-Chavo
    MATT HARDY-mvp
    BDV and MARK HENRY- balls mahoney and johnny nitro
    BIG SHOW-Jamie maywether
    RIC FLARE-hbk
    VINCE MCMAN-Ric flare
    jeff hardy wins money in the bank
    UMAGA vs batista
    i dont care about diva matches

  42. Cena will win
    HBK will win
    Mayweather will win
    Taker will win
    Jeff will win

  43. Kennedy def. Cena (c)

    Cena def. HHH & Orton (c)

    Big Show def. Floyd Maywheater jr. (Brawl 4 all)

    Taker def. Edge (c)

    MITB: Mr Kennedy def. Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Shelton, Y2J, CM Punk, MVP & Big Daddy V.

    HBK def. Naitch

    Batista (SD) def. Umaga (Raw)

    Finlay def. JBL

  44. i think the undertakew will beat edge but the money in the bank winner will cash in on him.

  45. Alright

    Y2J Def Jeff Hardy, Benjamin, Kennady, John Morrison, Chuck pulumbo, Jamie Noble and Shanon Moore in MITB 14:23

    Matt Hardy Def mvp in 7:43

    Batista Def Umaga in 8:00

    Playboy fight who knows

    HBK Def Flair in 19:49

    Duece an Domino Def Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly for Both titles in 6:00

    Performance by Rev

    Punk Def Chavo in Extreme Rules 10:00

    Floyd Maywether Def Big Show in 8:00

    Undertaker Def Edge in 12:00

    Finlay Def Vince McMahon in 5:00

    Triple H def John Cena and Randy Orton in 28:54

  46. too throw in estimates of match times, how about this?

    Cena* vs Triple H vs Orton – 20:00
    Edge vs Undertaker* – 23:00
    Flair vs HBK* – 13:00
    JBL vs Finly* – 12:00
    Batista* vs Umanga – 10:00
    Money In The Bank = Jericho* – 14:00
    MVP* vs Matt Hardy – 9:00
    Stupid Diva Match – 5:00
    Punk* vs Chavo – 8:00
    Santino vs Lawler – 3:00

    Round it up, about 2 hours of actual wrestling, which actually may be high for WWE, maybe this is the best case scenario. I say MVP wins cause they need some heel wins, Jericho so he can feud as the heel vs Cena. I’m actually leaning towards Flair winning, I don’t know why, but I’ll pick HBK.

  47. oh and of course i pick lawler

  48. WWE WrestleMania XXIV
    March 30, 2008
    Orlando, Florida @ Citrus Bowl

    Stone Cold Steve Austin v. Hulk Hogan
    Match Rating: 10/10!
    Match Duration: 10:00

    WWE Championship Triple Threat Match
    Randy Orton (c) v. John Cena v. Triple H
    Match Rating: 8/10
    Match Duration: 25:00

    World Heavyweight Championship Match
    Edge (c) v. The Undertaker
    Match Rating: 7.5/10
    Match Duration: 18:00

    Boxing Match
    The Big Show w/Shane McMahon v. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. w/Rey Mysterio and 50 Cent
    Match Rating: 6/10
    Match Duration:KO

    Career Threatening Match
    Ric Flair v. Shawn Michaels
    Match Rating: 7.510
    Match Duration: 15:00

    Playboy Bunny Mania Lumberjill Match
    Beth Phoenix and Melina v. Candice Michelle and Maria
    Master of Ceremonies: Snoop Dogg
    Match Rating: 4/10
    Match Duration: 600

    Custody of Hornswoggle Match
    Mr. McMahon and JBL v. Finlay and Mick Foley
    w/ Hornswoggle at Ringside
    Special Guest Referee: The Rock
    Enforcers: The Great Khali, Mark Henry, and Big Daddy V
    Match Rating: 7/10
    Match Duration: 12:00

    ECW World Championship Extreme Rules Match
    Chavo Guerrero (c) v. Kofi Kingston v. Elijah Burke v. CM Punk
    Match Rating: 6.5/10
    Match Duration: 8:00

    Smackdown/Raw Interpromotional Match
    Batista v. Umaga
    Match Rating: 6.5/10
    Match Duration: 10:00

    The Money in the Bank Ladder Match
    Jeff Hardy* v. Mr. Kennedy v. Shelton Benjamin v. Chris Jericho v. Carlito v. Kane v. MVP v. Matt Hardy
    Match Rating: 9/10
    Match Duration: 15:00

    Snow ((Hey Oh)) by The Red Hot Chilli Peppers
    Light it Up by Rev. Theory
    John Legend performs America The Beautiful
    Celeberities- Kim Kardashian and Raven Symone

    MITB- J.Hardy
    SD! v. RAW- Batista
    ECW- CM Punk
    Custody- Finlay, Mick Foley
    Playboy- Candice, Maria
    Career- HBK
    Boxing-UPSET Floyd Money
    WHC- Taker
    WWE- HHH
    Main Event- Stone Cold

  50. HBK vs Flair
    This is a tough one. HBK is one of the best wrestlers in history, and I could see Flair wrestling his final match with him. Then again, I really think HHH should be the guy that “retires” Ric Flair. There are rumors that Ric won’t actually retire at Mania, but I can’t see HBK realistically losing to Ric. I really hope this is Flair’s last match – I honestly think he’s too old and has no business being in the ring anymore. HBK has reached that same “legendary” status as Flair, so it wouldn’t be such a bad thing for HBK to end Slick Ric’s career, right?

    WINNER – SHAWN MICHAELS, maybe (read below)

    ***If Flair were to win this one, it would be a perfect opportunity for a Michaels heel turn. He could flip out after the match and give Flair one of the worst beatings of his life, and “retire” him – and also envoke the wrath of the fans. I saw a recent cover for the WWE magazine, and HBK was on the cover with the phrase “HBK – the one to watch out for in 2008”…which makes me think they might “repackage” Shawn and do something new with this character.

    Edge vs Taker
    Taker wins, but possibly by DQ or CountOut. For some reason I think Edge will escape with the title. Bottom line is that Edge will not break Taker’s streak. I don’t think anybody will. If Edge were to somehow beat Taker cleanly, then he would have bragging rights for the rest of his career…but it won’t happen. Edge is a cheater and a coward, so look out for something shady.

    WINNER – UNDERTAKER (not by pinfall, so Edge keeps the belt)

    Batista vs Umaga
    What has Umaga done over the last year? Exactly. What about Batista? He main-evented nearly every show for the past 3 years. Batista wins. No contest.


    MITB Ladder Match
    The fans will riot if Jeff Hardy does not win this. I will fall out of my chair if Hardy doesn’t win. Jeff Hardy will win, and successfully win the WWE title at a later date…or possibly not a “later” date. Hmmm…..


    Finlay vs JBL
    Who cares. Finlay I guess. He has been on a roll lately, and is really getting a huge push by McMahon. I don’t see an out-of-shape JBL picking up the win here. I hate this storyline, and I hate JBL, so I really couldn’t care less.


    Mayweather vs Big Show
    Again, who cares. This is all about publicity, and the match itself doesn’t really matter. Why does Big Show always find himself in these situations? Remember WM 21, when he put on the ridiculous little outfit and tried to wrestle Akebono in a sumo match? Not only did Show lose, but it was a real embarrassment. He seems to be the laughing stock of the WWE. Mayweather will probably KO Big Show, and once again Show will be embarrassed at a major PPV. I don’t see Mayweather losing a match at a major PPV, especially when that would do absolutely nothing for his reputation (except hurt it tremendously).


    Cena vs Orton vs HHH
    My gut tells me that Cena will NOT win this one. He has won the WWE title match at WM for the last 3 years in a row. I understand that HHH wants to turn heel again. I can see HHH turning on Cena and viciously attacking him, in an attempt to turn the fans against him. There’s only one problem – Cena is hated by about 50% of the fans, so this will probably only make HHH more popular. Either way, I think Orton will win this match, and the HHH/Cena feud will continue for a while longer. What I WANT to see is a Cena heel turn at Mania – for example, HHH will cost him the title, and Cena viciously attacks him (and Orton) after the match, effectively becoming a cold, hated heel.



    That’s right – Jeff F’n Hardy

    Wrestlemania needs to have a “feel-good” moment, and this would be a perfect ending. If Cena wins, the fans will be split. Same with Orton. Same with HHH. The place will not erupt for any of these 3 guys. I have this odd feeling that Orton will squeak out a victory, but he will be in bad shape at the end of this one – possibly a result of a Cena or HHH attack after the match (either HHH or Cena will be bitter about losing, and one of them will viciously attack the other 2 guys after the match is over).

    Then Orton will be left semi-conscious in the middle of the ring, and all of a sudden Jeff Hardy’s music hits, he comes out, cashes in his newly won MITB opportunity, and the place goes nuts. Then after a very brief back-and-forth encounter, Randy will attempt the RKO, but Jeff will block it, hit the Twist of Fate, and then nail the Swanton from the top. 1…2…3!!!! Jeff Hardy is your new WWE champion!!! The fans are cheering so loud that you can’t hear yourself think. This would be a truly emotional moment and proof that WWE officials actually listen to the fans.

    Don’t act like it can’t happen. Remember WM 9? Yokozuna beat Bret Hart after Mr. Fuji interfered, but then Hulk Hogan came down to the ring, challenged Yoko for the title, Yoko accepted, and about 20 seconds later Hogan was the new champ. WWE tends to recycle ideas from the past, so don’t be surprised if this is how it all goes down. Plus, nobody has ever cashed in their MITB shot on the same night they won it. This makes perfect sense, since it will give Hardy a chance to rest before the main event. I have this feeling that WM 24 will be Jeff’s night.

    I know this might be a long shot, but crazier things have happened…

  51. 1/Fatal 4 way for wwe tag team championship:

    Shannon Moore & JWY def. Miz & Morrison (c), Dreamer & Delaney and Jesse & Festus.

    This seems like the best match to get the fans riled up for WM 24 to have ultimate faces Jimmy & Moore win the tag team championship, Miz and Johnny Morrison have an ongoing rivarly with all three teams so this match wouldn’t suprise me.

    2/ MITB:

    Jeff Hardy def. Shelton Benjiman, Y2J, Carlito, Ken Kennedy, Matt Hardy & Gregory Helms/The Hurricane

    Jeff Hardy is on a huge roll towards the wwe championship and i can’t really see anyone else winning this except maybe kennedy, Matt Hardy & gregory helms are overdue for a comeback and this would be a good match for them to return to action in although it is unlikely i thought it would be cool if Helms returned as The Hurricane.

    3/ HBK def. Flair

    I believe this match is going to be built up to much wwe is going to wanna send out flair in a decent match but flairs abilty aint what it used to be and he’s probably just gonna end up embarrising himself the end of the match will look like it could go either way but HBK will pull it out the most memorable piece of this match is going to be HBK hugging flair when its all over.

    4/ Big Show def. Mayweather

    Maybe it is just me but i think everyone backstage generally hates Floyd and his cocky attitude and with big shows comments at wm 24 press confrence about how he is gonna floyd how “real” wrestling can be i think he perposley gonna make maywheather look like a chump.

    5/ Batista def. Umaga

    prepare for a boring Goldberg v. Lesnar type match up wehre it dont live up to the hype.

    6/ Finlay def. JBL

    I am gussing it is gonna be a pretty stiff match up wich will be pretty cool expect blood from one or combatents story line ruins the match though.

    7/ Worlds Championship:

    Undertaker def. Edge

    Undertaker will look like he will lose this match a thew times but will somehow pull it off and end the match with a tombstone if edge does retain the title it’ll be by DQ or countout.

    8/ Bunnymania

    Maria & Michelle def. Beth and melina

    Yeah one of those matches.

    9/. ECW Championship

    CM Punk vs. Chavo

    * note: If CM Punk is in the MITB match the ecw title probably wont be up for grabs at WM this year

    10/. wwe championship:

    Jeff Hardy def. Orton (c), HHH & Cena

    The match will about to begin before jeffs music hits i’d hate to disagree to the dude above me but jeff cashing in his money in the bank oppertunity after the match is over seems like too much of a heel move. This match will be pretty good the end will be probably something like cena fu ing orton, HHH pedigreeinh cena and jeff twist of fating hhh and a swanton onto one of the fallen challengers for the win.

  52. Yea uh were is Stone Cold at….
    he said it is unlikely for him to be in the event, but i wish he was
    his head is up too much in the skies with hollywood

  53. im switching my pick to ric flair winning. i think he wants to retire to triple h, so yeah.

  54. ok here is how it goes ortan wins belt winner to mitb comes down (jeff hardy) wint belt end of story

  55. Jeff Hardy WONT be competing in the MITB match he got suspended for 2 month for failing his 2nd drug test!

  56. So here’s how it goes……

    MITB:winner…Jeff Hardy
    -I don’t agree that Jeff would cash the briefcase after the title match…Jeff is not like Edge…Jeff should cash it in maybe on One Night Stand cause he can have a Ladder match that is in his favor

    Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair:winner…..Shawn Michaels
    Ric should retire!!He might just collapse in backstage before we know it…..

    Edge vs.Taker:winner…..’Taker
    The 15-0 should continue to a 16-0!!!

    WWE Championship match:winner:…….HHH
    Come on…you would have thought that Randy couldn’t possibly retain the title right?And the whole crowd turned on Cena in April 2006. The whole world wants a new champ!Orton…..too arrogant. Cena……to shitty…..HHH….the new champ!

  57. the only thing that matters is…..will edge end takers streak….not likely, but id like to see it….its a big deal. new generation has to break in some crediblity.
    Raw title match… Triple will deff take the strap if the MITB winner doesnt cash in right away….I could see Orton winning n then Kennedy doin what he said, cashing and winning….but if Triple H wins, Lord knows Kennedy could come out n Lose …..one undoubtale is Cena will not continue is reign of pain.

  58. Undertaker will win his match….
    Hardy will win his match….
    HHH will win his match…
    Flair will win his match…
    Finlay will win his match…
    Batista will win his match…
    Big show will win his match…
    Who gives a damn about the womens matches….
    My friend who does communications cood. for the WWE and WBC told me this…we’ll see

  59. todd is an idiot….

    hardy is suspended

  60. not all faces will win, so im picking MVP

  61. as of now i pick:

    Kane wins battle royal to lose to
    Face Models

    so yeah

  62. hhhvs ortonvs cena….hhh win
    undertaker win by DQ edge keeps title..undertakers streak still good..
    ken kennedy win MITB..cash in after world heavy weight title match..beat edge..New WH champion
    mayweather win against big show..
    finlay b jbl
    michaels beat flair..
    kane wins battle royal
    chavo d kane still ECW champ..chavo

    austin will be at mania..as he as been thrown a thing by the wwe to appear in something

  63. HHH vs. cena vs. orton

    EDGE vs. undertaker- EDGE has Kurt or Zack come in and punch edge, that way edge keeps title and ruins takers streak

    PUNK wins money in the bank

    BDV wins battle royal

    BDV vs. Chavo- BDV gets DQ’d for hitting chavo withe tons of chairs

    later on,

    PUNK vs a weakend chavo

    BATISTA vs.umaga

    FLOYD vs. Big show

    MICHAELS vs. Flair

    CANDICE’s team wins

    FINLAY vs. jbl-Hornswoggle interfers and kicks JBL’s butt

    CAPITAIZED means winner

  64. WWE Championship Match
    Triple H def. Randy Orton & John Cena. (New Champion)

    I am sick and tired of Cena holding the title and Orton will lose, it’s predictible. Triple H is due a win at Wrestlemania. He has lost at the last 3 championship matches he has been involved in at Mania and no doubt he has bitched about it to Vince. Expect a rematch at Backlash with Cena winning cause he is Vince’s “Top Guy”.

    World Championship Match
    Undertaker def Edge (New Champion)

    The Undertaker’s win streak at Wrestlemania is the most repected thing in wrestling. If Undertaker retires in the next year. 16-0 will be the main part of his legacy. If Edge was to win, this would be the ultimate push for him. He is a four time world champion and you could add the only man to pin Taker at Mania to that list. But mainly these are the only three men in Mania history not to lose a 1 on 1 match are Taker, Edge and John Cena. Rematch at Backlash with Edge losing and Taker holding it for a few months but eventually losing it to either Edge or the MITB Holder.

    Money In The Bank Ladder Match
    Mr. Kennedy Def. MVP, Shelton Benjamin, CM Punk, John Morrison, Chris Jericho and Carlito (And Matt Hardy)

    WWE “claim” that there will be no more entrents into MITB this year but I believe Hardy will return out of the blue and cost MVP the match if it comes down to him and Kennedy. Expect bumps in this match. LOTS of bumps. Benjamin will do something daft like that Spike STO off the ladder. Kennedy may do the Mic Cheak. Kennedy to either cash in on the night or do my view of thing. If Edge beats Taker, Kennedy will cash in and win the World Title to get pay back on Edge for screwing him out of MITB. Kennedy wins none the less. MVP vs. Matt at Backlash and Shelton Vs. Punk feud on ECW

    Floyd Mayweather def. Big Show

    In cele matches at Mania, you know the cele will win. It’s common scene. Mayweather to KO Big Show

    Batista def. Umaga

    Even though RAW is the “top show” of the WWE. This match is going to be WWE’s way of showing that Smackdown is up there. Would have been more interesting to put 1 ECW guy in there but they have no decent guys to put in.

    24 Man Battle Royal
    Colin Delaney wins

    I don’t know why but this will come down to either Khali or BDV against Colin and Colin wins. They are trying to redo the Mikey Whipwreck angle from the old ECW and so far they are succeeding. He is over with the fans and they pop when he does a offencive move

    ECW Championship Match
    Colin Delaney Def. Chavo Guerrero (new Champion)

    This will conclude the angle. Expect Dreamer to interfere on Colin’s behalf and Colin to roll Chavo up for the win. Just like Whipwreck.

    Carrer Threatining Match
    Shawn Micheals def. Ric Flair

    I would like Flair to win at Wrestlemania but my brain says “no”. HBK to retire his mentor and Flair to come back in a few months time as GM of Smackdown cause Vickie may get “FIRED”

    Bunnymania Match
    Candice/Maria def. Phenoix/Melina

    In most case, if the Playboy cover girl is in a match at Mania which does not involve the women’s championship, they will win. I don’t care for this match

    Belfast Brawl
    Finley Vs. JBL

    Come on. This match is as predictable as the Faroe Islands vs. Brazil at Football. Hornswoggle returns and hit JBL with the Shallale (don’t care if I spelt it wrong) and Finley with the Celtic Cross for the win.

  65. For my predictions…listen to the PWB’s OFFICIAL PODCAST this Thursday.

    /end cheap plug

  66. Cena d. Triple H and Randy orton(c)
    Face divas over the heals
    Maywhether d. The Big Show
    Undertaker d.Edge(c)
    Batista d Umaga
    MITB: Y2J grabs the briefcase
    Finlay d. JBL
    No idea with battle royal
    Battle Royal winner d. chavo Guerrero

  67. barring some unforeseen injury(s) or odd events from now until mania, my final picks are as follows:

    Chris Jericho
    Face Models
    (Battle Royal: Kane)

    Really, all signs point to Trips walking out of the Citrus Bowl with the WWE Title, but I fell for WWE’s trickery far too many times. Cena has been the only one not finishing RAW with his finisher followed by a pose with the championship. Shawn Michaels wrote that usually the man who is pushed most wins at Wrestlemania, but Shawn Michaels is a loser (hopefully). Also, I pick JBL to win simply because he has to come off of Mania with a real win. There is a potential Money feud between Bradshaw and Triple H after the Mania Blow off, but before Hunter’s heel trun and Flair’s final title program.

  68. ps, i also pick Flair

  69. Alright everybody, to discuss the show live, check out the live Wrestlemania 24 discussion post.

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